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Libidit directly reflects
human instinct onto technology.

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  • Softcap: $2M
  • Hardcap: $10M

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In any age, pornography has been a leading force in technological advancement.

We must not overlook the truth that society has developed thanks to basic human desires possessed by all.

Eroticism, also called Libido, is an innate power i mprinted onto humanity's DNA.

Instead of resisting, we at Libidit embrace this and make it our policy to expand on it.

Libidit is the new protocol for realizing our potential.

What is Libidit

Libidit will fulfill the role of a comprehensive gateway to bring substantial innovation to the VR pornography market.

On Libidit, the process for making pornographic content is by combining various materials to form one work. Material combinations are unrestricted, and as such can be combined to suit a wide variety of tastes.

The biggest difference between existing VR pornography and Libidit is this new delivery style of forming content by combining different materials.

This means that it is also a way in which we can directly address our own desires.

Let’s get this party started !!


VR pornographic materials

Materials here do not refer to the filmed product as a whole, but to the separate components that make up the final work.

Materials are broken down into areas such as motion capture, which is essential for VR, and the actors and actresses who will form the VR subjects, voices and sounds, and a story to bind the whole thing together. Each field is then created for by experts.

Porn mixer

By outputting content from the porn mixer, which allows you to combine the materials produced by separate experts and fit them to your taste, you can edit works to how you like them.

By allowing users to freely customize the image space just like top class VJs, we can make many other users happy. Users can then enjoy this high-quality pornographic content by streaming it.


All accounts on Libidit are anonymous, so you can enjoy both creating and enjoying content on this service privately. Anonymity is the most important factor when it comes to protecting your privacy, and if you want to experience real eroticism then the ability to remain completely anonymous is very important.

Ethical regulations

Libidit has determined that for freedom of expression to exist, a set of regulations is indeed necessary. This is because unregulated freedom could prevent the continued growth of our product as a whole, and could directly link to a decline in the value of Libidit itself.


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XLBD Tokens

Libidit tokens are an internal currency labeled as XLBD and are used in all of the actions that make up the Libidit ecosystem.

It is also possible to create a virtual space in which you can further enjoy Libidit, and lease or sell this space as you please. In other words, it's almost as if we are creating our own economic bloc at Libidit, almost like that of the old world-renowned "Second Life" game.

This economic bloc will then expand every time traffic to Libidit increases.

Token Generation Event

Total number of generated tokens

Deternined by the number of tokens for sale (64%)

TGE Begins Nov. 1st, 2018 8:00 UTC

TGE Ends Dec. 15th, 2018 8:00 UTC


2,000,000 USD


10,000,000 USD

Token value

1XLBD = 0.05USD

Payment method


Early Adopter
Bonus Rate

Nov. 1st
Nov. 15th

Nov. 15th
Dec. 1st

Dec. 1st
Dec. 15th

Token Distribution

Token generation event


Marketing and bounty


Liquidity reserve






Use of Fund

Protocol development


Investment in equipment


Initial stage VR production


VR device compatibility





It will bring about the greatest revolution
in the history of pornography.

Core Team

Laura Houghton
Co-Founder & Sexologist

Web developer overseeing various work teams, in large corporations and startups, while researching everything about pornography and eroticism, whether it be in movies, videos, books, or picture formats. As an academic sexologist with an insatiable curiosity about sex, she is also one of the founders of the Libidit project.

Walter Laurent
Co-Founder & Lead Developer

Engineer specializing in video streaming technology. Using his expertise, he once managed a pornographic website, but decided to shut it down after a large increase in unethical submissions. From this experience, he founded the Libidit project as a means to build a platform with respect and love for pornography.

Salvador Alvarez Co-Founder & VR Engineer

C++ specialist with a vast knowledge of computer science. He enjoys pornography just as much as anyone else, but does not have a particularly strong interest in the subject. However, he does have a strong respect for pornography as a subject that has driven so much of the advancement in today's computer technology. He aims to provide next generation pornography with new values through his specialist field of VR.

Alessandro Giordano Senior Web Develope

Stephen Mckinney Blockchain Developer

Arabella Gastelum UX Designer

Jorge Hernández Streaming Architect